We are a full-service creative and advertising agency with spesiali in the development of market entry strategy, high-end advertising graphics design, BTL support, video shooting and motion graphics, digital projects, game and business app development for iPhone and Android, production of POS materials and running integrated advertising campaigns.
We are dedicated nerds enjoying our craft. In the course of everyday intellectual crush tests our mind reaches the peak of its ability. Our ultimate objective is custom-made, effective solutions of business tasks, which are extremely challenging to arrive at. And when others give way to fatigue, we keep on working. Chaos of thoughts, insights and facts is gradually turning into a strategy, a strategy for your brand.
The best companies are created by nerds. It’s impossible to finish your working day at 18:00 and become the market leader. If you want to develop an efficient business model, you have to give the task your all. We are ready to go through all the stages of marketing wars for clients together with you. But only under the sole condition: you must be passionate nerds.
Let’s go for it! — To find meanings, ideas and causa causans. Why will your product be thought of and talked about? What idea, boiled down to a few words of a slogan, can unite thousands of people? How do you make sure that your strategy choice is correct? Those questions determine the destiny of your company and comprise our job.